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Who needs a home inspection?

The general public, the purchase of a home can be one of the costliest investments of a person’s life. If you are an investor your always looking at the bottom line. It takes an average of 15 minutes for a person to look at a house and want to buy it.


What do you include in a home inspection?

My years of experience, training, fair pricing, an extensive checklist, and a clean detailed inspection report, sent to whom ever you choose.


How long does the average 2000 sq ft home take to inspect?

If all utilities are on and everything is open it will take from 2  to 3 hours.


Should I be present at a home inspection?

Yes, you should be present or have someone you trust to represent you.
With a purchase of this size, it’s in your best interest. It’s much easier to explain any concerns in person.


Should I go with the cheapest inspector or with a quality inspector?

We don’t ever recommend just going with any inspector just because they are the cheapest. What you are paying for is the inspector’s experience and background.


Can I do the inspection myself?

Yes, I suppose you could, but think about this home inspection as a small money transaction that covers the whole property and could save you money by detecting minor problems before they can become major ones. Leave it up to the pro’s that know what to look for and have seen thousands of homes.


Does a newly constructed home need to be inspected?

We uncover mistakes on new homes all the time, just because it is new does not always mean that it was built perfect. We also provide a warranty inspection to look for potential problems before your warranty runs out with your builder.


What items do you inspect?

* Insulation * Ventilation * Roof & Flashings * Gutters * Crawlspace
* Foundation * Grading * Siding & Trim * Doors & Windows * Ceilings
* Floors * Walls * Chimney * Fireplace * Electrical System
* Water Heater * Plumbing System * Air Conditioning * Heating


What if the inspection uncovers problems?

If it does then we have done our job. We do not pass or fail a home we just evaluate it, only the person that pays for the inspection can say the house passes or fails. More often than not in the long run the inspection report will be used as a punch list or a bargaining tool.





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